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Although he is distressed about money, he still does not give up, because he wants to get the title of one star master teacher earlier, and he also asks him to pass it on himself.

Sun Mo, this is also an incentive for you.It allows you what are the symptoms when you have high blood pressure will blood pressure be higher when sick to work hard to Meds Lower Blood Pressure herb tea for high blood pressure guide students and gain favorability.You must understand that anything that is easily obtained will not be cherished The system suddenly turned into a life Meds Lower Blood Pressure herb tea for high blood pressure mentor, making Sun Mo very uncomfortable.

Sun Mo walked over.The environment that had been whispering suddenly became quiet, and the onlookers invariably looked at Sun Mo.

Favorability from herb tea for high blood pressure Qi Shengjia 3.The prestige relationship with Qi Shengjia has been opened, and the how to lower blood pressure yahoo current state is neutral 3 100 Actually still gained favorability Sun Mo activated the divine insight technique Hypertension Medications Chart herb tea for high blood pressure and observed Qi Shengjia.

The teacher who represents the class represents the face of an institution.If you do not have overwhelming strength, if you can not make people from other schools amaze you, would not it be a shame Gu Xiuxun is a .

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beautiful woman.

Zhiruo, you do not have to do this for me.Sun Mo leaned over and grabbed Lu Zhiruo is arm Get up No, I am willing Lu Zhiruo still crawled on the ground , I can smell the dust when my forehead touches the grass.

I am Yuan Feng Yuan herb tea for high blood pressure Feng squeezed out a bright smile.Hello Li Ziqi did not stop.Did classmate Li come to herb tea for high blood pressure herb tea for high blood pressure Sex High Blood Pressure Medication visit Zhang Sheng did not make can tramadol tablets raise blood pressure a straight to the point self recommendation, but planned to start with small talk to herb tea for high blood pressure create a good conversation atmosphere.

He followed the herb tea for high blood pressure prestige and saw a young girl with a beautiful face standing under the maple tree by the roadside.

This is a kind of medicinal pill used in the body forging state.After eating it, it can directly strengthen the body and herb tea for high blood pressure strengthen the body, so that the state can be promoted to the first level.

Lines of data appeared next to Jin herb tea for high blood pressure Mujie, and when Sun Mo saw the herb tea for high blood pressure words collecting bones , he could not help which blood pressure medicine is being recalled but frown.

God Refining Realm, the acupoints are opened Jiang Leng roared, clenched his right fist, and slammed it on the temple Break me herb tea for high blood pressure The aura herb tea for high blood pressure on Jiang Leng is body exploded, especially between the eyebrows, and a blood colored aura exploded, like a cloud of blood, slowly dissolving.

If you win, what will my face be If you lose, you lose, and the teacher does not need to comfort me Xuanyuan Po raised his hand and wiped away the tears with his arm.

The little boy who always followed behind his buttocks did not expect to have grown up.Wow, Teacher Sun is so domineering Lu Zhiruo was so excited that she wanted to slap her.If he just left, he might be mistaken for escaping with his tail How To Lower Blood Pressure Herbs high blood pressure cure at home tucked in between, so even if the teacher wants to leave, he has to knock over those who despise him before leaving.

Gu herb tea for high blood pressure Xiuxun would definitely admire Liu Mubai is invitation, what kind of thing is Zhang Sheng Even if he can stay at school in herb tea for high blood pressure the end, he is not from .

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the same world as himself.

Boom boom boom The punching wind broke through the air and made a low sound.The young man was very focused, trying herb tea for high blood pressure to make every punch perfect, and did not look at Sun Mo, a stranger who came suddenly.

Sun Mo asked the system what would happen when the two people is prestige relationship reached worship, but the system did not answer.

In herb tea for high blood pressure his faction, all can eating pizza raise your blood pressure teachers high blood pressure and numbness are teachers, unlike Zhang Hanfu, who wants all kinds of scumbags.It is impossible to say that it is greedy for money and profit.These teachers How To Lower Blood Pressure Herbs high blood pressure cure at home just think that An Xinhui has can we eat paneer in high blood pressure no ability to rule this school, so they are on Wang Su is side.

They were eager to have a good relationship with him, so they herb tea for high blood pressure did not go to the teaching is stage 2 high blood pressure dangerous building to join in the lectures.

He can be sure that this Famed Master is halo is a magical skill for a teacher.What bothers the teacher the most I have been talking about a knowledge point for a whole day, and Meds Lower Blood Pressure herb tea for high blood pressure my lips are bleeding, and the students still can not understand it.

Sun Mo, if you want to be officially recruited, you must recruit five students.This condition will not change, so you do not expect to be crooked.Zhang Hanfu waved his hand impatiently Go out Zhang Hanfu seemed to think that Sun Mo wanted to use Li Ziqi is background to put pressure on himself and let the school lower the entry requirements, so he said it in diuretic blood pressure meds advance to block Sun Mo is mouth.

Wang Hao was instantly happy, because during these days, the flow of spiritual energy in his body had a sense of stagnation and reversal.

It is the painting drawn by the artist, as if it really exists.When you look at it, your mind will sway and be intoxicated.There one fruit to lower blood pressure are three realms in Miaobi Shenghua.Third, the whole painting is lifelike, because of the attachment of aura, it Meds Lower Blood Pressure herb tea for high blood pressure is no longer black and white ink paper color, but becomes colorful, which will reveal a strong atmosphere.

Why is it so hard these days My father is leg .

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was lame and he could not work.If he lost this well paid job, he would be beaten to death.Moreover, he was too young and a girl.He went out Hypertension Medications Chart herb tea for high blood pressure to work and had nothing to ask for in the workshop.If my father could not eat, he would definitely lose his temper.At that time, he would definitely let his mother pick up customers and sell laughter, herb tea for high blood pressure High Blood Pressure Vitamins Herbs and in all likelihood, he would also be sent to a brothel.

Mr.Sun, he can not win even if he comes to power.He has to pay for treatment if he is injured.Zhou Xu helped.To shut up.Sun Mo turned his head and glared back fiercely When I herb tea for high blood pressure teach people, it is your turn to interrupt Zhou Xu was attacked by Sun Mo, so he quickly lowered his head, but he did not think so in his heart, yes, Qi Shengjia is so embarrassing, but is not it embarrassing to be on stage Even if you can not win, how to cheat high blood pressure test you can not let your opponent win too easily, treat yourself as a mad dog, bite him, bite him hard, will alprazolam lower blood pressure so that the next time he encounters you, the first thing that comes to his mind is that you are not a weak and deceiving can hyperacidity cause high blood pressure family.

Huh is not metaphor a form of rhetoric Is it a human Lu Zhiruo was surprised.Okay, papaya mother is also half a catty testosterone cypionate high blood pressure Li Ziqi pulmonary arterial hypertension pah who group 1 glanced at Sun Mo, the teacher is future teaching path is definitely not easy to go, I hope not to be tripped and knocked out.

When he got into the office building, he pushed open the door Hypertension Medications Chart herb tea for high blood pressure of the back office, and the smell of dry smoke wafted through his nostrils.

It is the aura of Jinyu Liangyan Someone exclaimed.The golden light spread out like a drizzle, covering a range of nearly 100 meters, sweeping almost all the people around.

This is.Li Ziqi was excited, and the cute papaya mother did not react, or she did not remember it at all.

In order to activate the spiritual pattern, it must rely on the aura in these spiritual pattern lines.

Everyone sit down and .

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pay attention to the class records, if anyone does not follow it, they are not eligible.

Ruan Yuan, this is this girl.Seeing that her boyfriend is in a bad mood today, she specially made a late night snack and sent it to him, but was told by his roommate that Cai Tan never came back.

Ziqi, I will pay, go and buy it for me Sun Mo is not short of money now.Lu Zhiruo did not understand.The effect of that spirit gathering pattern is weakened.Do you want to buy it herb tea for high blood pressure back if it weakens Lu Zhiruo turned her head slightly, looking confused.However, Li Ziqi already understood Sun Mo is worries and could not help comforting Teacher, you are thinking too much, your spirit pattern was born of a tornado of spiritual energy, and the worst grade is fifth order, and it is sold on the market.

Yes, how can I still not understand herb tea for high blood pressure Sex High Blood Pressure Medication after going out to study for so long My benadryl and hypertension side effects father said that he was a waste, that he had traveled thousands herb tea for high blood pressure of miles, and the famous teachers he met could not even be seen by anyone.

Jinling City is a big and prosperous city.There are taxis on the streets.Sun Mo stopped one of them.He can still afford the fare of a few coins.Lu Zhiruo held a herb tea for high blood pressure sackcloth schoolbag and glanced at Sun Mo from time to time, hesitating to say anything.

Ruan Yun was in a hurry, frantically what describes high blood pressure looking herb tea for high blood pressure for Cai Tan everywhere, afraid that he would not be Delta Power Group herb tea for high blood pressure able to think about it for a while.

Students who are one star famous teachers and students who are ordinary teachers must have different attitudes towards being treated.

Sun, thank you The girl is voice, on this summer morning, flew out Outside the window, like a bird, flying freely in the blue sky and white clouds.

What lower bad cholesterol without drugs about the bet Tantai Yutang suddenly interjected, fearing that the world would not be in chaos.

Sun Mo gave up and let Lu Zhiruo hold his arms.Lu Zhiruo was stunned This is the highest grade exercise in the Kyushu countries, and each of them can be used as .

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a family heirloom.

It will speed up, so all the secret treasures that can create this kind of aura rich environment are priceless.

Sorry, not for sale The owner refused.Why Fang Yan was puzzled and reached out to touch the spirit gathering pattern.I just saw the size of the aura tornado just now.Fang Yan has already determined that this is a good spirit gathering pattern.Now that he looks closer, he realizes how superficial his evaluation is.The direction, arrangement, and thickness of each of these spiritual lines are simply pleasing to the eye and full of beauty.

I have to reiterate, as long as the Hypertension Medications Chart herb tea for high blood pressure skills are given by the system, there is no garbage.You should keep a grateful heart Sun Mo herb tea for high blood pressure ignored the nagging of the system, saw that there was no one around, and took out the master level gathering The spirit pattern drawing technique was smashed with a slap.

I am twenty years old now, and I am a teacher at Zhongzhou University Contrary to what everyone expected, there was no anxiety on Sun Mo is face.

If it Meds Lower Blood Pressure herb tea for high blood pressure is the kind of person who has positions in several schools, basically they leave after class, and there is no chance for students to ask more questions.

In order to deal with Sun Mo Gao Ben said, because the school had already posted a notice announcing the time of Sun Mo is first public class.

After all, it is related to the herb tea for high blood pressure future, and she also has several established goals to recruit, so she cannot waste time.

Choked too Cough, what did you say Cough, did I hear it wrong Li foods that lower blood pressure uk Ziqi coughed hard.The Great Universe Wuxiang Divine Art, have you herb tea for high blood pressure heard of it Sun Mo was curious.Hearing Li Ziqi is excitement, he obviously knew the origin of this practice.I have heard that if the name you mentioned is correct, then it is the magic art of Qingtian Academy.

A summer wind blew past, brushing the white clothes on his body.Yeah, not bad Yue Rongbo praised, and his eyes fell on the boy is white clothes.There were dark red marks in side effects blood pressure medication some places.From his experience, they coronary vein portal hypertension were .

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left after washing off the blood.Xuanyuan Po is here, let is fight The young man exhaled and raised his voice in high spirits.After the students on the Yanwu stage were stunned for a moment, their anger surged.This silver lance boy was too arrogant and had to be beaten.Take it A stout teenager immediately rushed out Want to use me as a stepping stone does dopamine lower bp Dreaming Just after saying this, he was shot in the chest by Xuanyuan Po, and his whole body fell like can naltrexone cause high blood pressure a broken sandbag.

But Papaya Niang was very considerate, she brought her head close so that Sun lower high blood pressure naturally diet Mo could touch her, and she narrowed her eyes comfortably.

After that, he will perform are engraving and become familiar with the exercises.Sun Mo is not can high blood pressure cause eye flashes in a hurry to swallow the star and moon fruit.He is going to check the information again.Let is see what is going on in the Blood Burning Realm.After all, this is the first time Hypertension Medications Chart herb tea for high blood pressure for Sun Mo to climb the steps.As a person who makes a plan and then moves, he does not want any accident.Sun Mo, I will definitely not let you go.Good time Gao Ben had a gloomy face, pushed open the door of the dormitory, and was stunned.There were eight people staying in the dormitory that could live in four people, and they were chatting when they saw Gao Ben coming back.

The onlookers did not know if Sun Mo was right or not, but Zou Delta Power Group herb tea for high blood pressure An knew, and he lost, so he probably would not have the herb tea for high blood pressure chance to join Liu Mubai is sect, so he walked over neatly How To Lower Blood Pressure Herbs high blood pressure cure at home and knelt in front of Sun Mo.

It is almost certain that such a large classroom of 300 people will be crowded, but the biggest test is the question and answer session, does losing weight help blood pressure yes.

Principal An, the two vice principals, I am here to report a person who is simply a shame for Zhongzhou As Li Gong spoke, he took out a thick stack of materials and raised his hands over his head.

Then, he turned and walked towards the dormitory building.What is the point of .

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a man if he is not equipped with a famous sword, rides a horse, and brings colorful glory to the woman he loves when he becomes famous An Xinhui is the principal, so at least I have to become a famous teacher, right Sun Mo muttered, and added in his heart Become the number one teacher in Jinling Congratulations, the favorability you gained has reached 100, and the road to a famous teacher has begun.

Is this natural way to lower your blood pressure immediately the aesthetics of Teacher Sun 1.Reputation relationship does vodka cause high blood pressure with Li Ziqi, neutral 5 100.Sun Mo, who was cheering for Qi Shengjia, was startled by the sudden voice in his ear, and could not help but look back at Li Ziqi.

Is something wrong high blood pressure and ckd later Sun Mo asked with a smile, stretched out his hand and squeezed Qi Shengjia is shoulder.

Ruan Yun did not continue this topic because Zhang Yanzong defeated Cai Tan, and herb tea for high blood pressure Zhang Yanzong was Gu Xiuxun is direct disciple.

The herb tea for high blood pressure master level muscle building technique made him understand Li Gong is injury more clearly.First it was sore and numb, followed by a tingling pain, and then a burst of heat was born, making the lame leg, who had long lost consciousness, feel comfortable to death.

If there are students who have the cheek to come to eat and drink every day, soaked raisins for high blood pressure Sun Mo can only bear it.

In addition, Sun Mo and Xuanyuan Po won an overwhelming victory in the battle.Jiang Leng and the fighting ghost also expressed their admiration for him, so the atmosphere of the instruction class became harmonious.

This is the natural power, Li Yuanba is level, others dangerously high blood pressure lift the barbell every day, exhausted to death, can not catch up with him.

You must know that a famous teacher needs a lot of resources, whether it is the improvement of the realm or the in depth research of the sub high blood pressure cure at home professional, at least not without money, right A strong group of famous teachers will never lack resources.

From Zhou Xu is favorability rating 25, neutral 81 herb tea for high blood pressure 100.Oh, I beg you to stop talking, the more you talk, the more I regret herb tea for high blood pressure it Wang Hao .

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covered his chest, feeling a little unhappy in his heart.

She just wants to know if Sun Mo is hand of God is real is so awesome Du Xiao has now been employed for three years, and has already realized the aura of three famous teachers, and her sub professional has also consciously achieved some standards, so she has been preparing for herb tea for high blood pressure the one star famous teacher assessment.

There were originally six students in the classroom.When they saw Li Ziqi write this sentence, they began to pack their books and herb tea for high blood pressure start looking elsewhere.

Froze in place.Sun Mo took two steps back.Ying Tie moved his eyes and looked at Yang Cai.Yang Cai pretended not to see Hypertension Medications Chart herb tea for high blood pressure it, just a joke, not to mention An Xinhui and Wang Su, other school leaders are not fools, they are all looking at Ying Tie at the moment, if he communicated with him with Meds Lower Blood Pressure herb tea for high blood pressure his eyes, would not he be found out Ying Tie is so lazy to do .

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Status plummeted.Sun Mo did not know the conflict between Rudy and Zhang Sheng, and his ears were full of system prompts.

It was Xuanyuan Po is turn, so there was no need for Sun Mo to remind him.Xuanyuan Po, fourteen years old, likes to fight and is good at fighting.In the future, his goal is to be the first gun saint in Kyushu Xuanyuan Po is words were concise and to the point, and every word was inseparable from the fight.

Teacher, you have to take the initiative to attack Lu Zhiruo thought alpha brain high blood pressure that Sun Mo would be embarrassed, but you does a large cuff lower blood pressure are best way to lower blood pressure fast so young and have no qualifications.

All the intern teachers held a meeting, and the freshmen were not idle.Those who were ready Delta Power Group herb tea for high blood pressure to enroll should complete the enrollment procedures and pay the tuition within two days.

He remembered the Sun Mo he met last night.He said that he was doing this wrong, and Also reminded to pay attention to the right arm and left calf, do not use too much force.

Steel plate girl is not that just no bulge Sun Mo was delighted System, what is the matter with this .

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value All the herb tea for high blood pressure 3 risk factors for high blood pressure values of an ordinary adult herb tea for high blood pressure male are 5, the limit of the Body Refinement Realm is 10, the limit of the Spirit Refinement Realm is 20, and the limit of the Blood Burning Realm is 30.

However, An Xinhui is expression did not change, and she was quite calm.As expected of the Principal An that I admire After Gu Xiuxun praised her in the bottom of her heart, she began to feel unhappy again.

Endurance 6, slag.Note, mediocre, do not waste time on him.Sun Mo quickly read the data one by one, and coupled with the examination of the ancient massage technique, he quickly determined the cause.

Very cool.The black iron treasure chest opened in response, and after the brilliance dissipated, a seed the size of a fingernail was left behind.

The whole world seemed to press the slow release button in an instant.Sun Mo could observe them more attentively and more easily, capturing those subtle changes.The Great Heaven and Earth Phaseless Divine Cultivation Technique was in motion, and Sun Mo wielded a wooden knife.

The system immediately high blood pressure cure at home Natural High Blood Pressure Herbs fell silent, and did not want to speak in anger.The divine insight technique, the meridian dredging technique, and the muscle building technique are enough.

There are seven levels of body forging, and the most notable sign is that the realm is improved and the strength is increased.

Hearing the system is notification sound, Sun Mo discovered that in addition to An Xinhui is favorability, there was also Jin Hypertension Medications Chart herb tea for high blood pressure Mujie is, which surprised him, as if he had picked up a hundred dollars for nothing.

The boy is mental state looked good, but it did not matter, he was two steps away, and he won.Students who Meds Lower Blood Pressure herb tea for high blood pressure want herb tea for high blood pressure to participate in the assessment must report their data to Dou Zhantang when registering.

Yuan Feng looked at the information book, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and subconsciously wanted to Hypertension Medications Chart herb tea for high blood pressure reach out and take a look at it.

Really Right Lu Zhiruo huddled half length behind the bookshelf, with a smile on her face and a little excitement on her face I will just say yes, Teacher Sun herb tea for high blood pressure Sex High Blood Pressure Medication is writing is .

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excellent Papaya Niang felt honored.

In the underground black market How To Lower Blood Pressure Herbs high blood pressure cure at home of the Kyushu countries, there are all kinds of fake exercises circulating, either to harm people or to cheat money.

He was also sold this book, herb tea for high blood pressure but it was too expensive, so he was not willing to buy it.Tsk, this material is very valuable.How much did you pay for it, classmate Li Zhang Sheng tried to interject, Sun Mo, you must remember a piece of classmate Li is heart It is all marked with a red pen Li Ziqi naturally came to Sun Mo is side, helped him turn a page, pointed to a student and introduced himself.

It is written herb tea for high blood pressure in the information book that they are from Wuyi County, and high blood pressure cure at home Natural High Blood Pressure Herbs herb tea for high blood pressure their family has herb tea for high blood pressure been dealing in herbal medicine for generations.

At that time, not Hypertension Medications Chart herb tea for high blood pressure to mention that the master will reprimand him, even himself, he would like to hit does acupuncture help with high blood pressure him to death.

The thought of not being able to stay at the school made him jealous of Sun Mo.Everyone is a graduate of Songyang College, and that guy is far inferior to himself, but because he is An Xinhui is fianc anti anxiety medication high blood pressure , basically no accident, he is scheduled to stay in school.

The remaining two are terrifyingly strong, with toned muscles, not weaker than adults, but when it comes to coordination and pleasing to the eye, it belongs to Sun Mo.

The massage was still going on, although Sun Mo always laughed at himself like a little girl pinching his feet, but once he took action, he was still very serious.

The black iron treasure chest is the lowest level treasure chest, and it can be opened for a A bottle of ancient whale oil worth 1000 points is definitely not a loss.

Depicting the spirit gathering pattern I bring pen, ink, paper and inkstone, but there is no table and it is not suitable for the grass.

Favorability from Qi Shengjia 30, friendly 768 1000.Hearing frequency that will lower blood pressure the system is notification sound, Sun Mo is eyelids twitched a little.He could not help but glance at Qi Shengjia.Honest people deserve to be his own experience baby.Tantai Yutang .

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is lips moved, he was very regretful now, how arrogant he was just now, take a bath early and it is over.

In order not to be Meds Lower Blood Pressure herb tea for high blood pressure discovered, everyone hid in a remote warehouse area.Xuanyuan Po did not care, as long as he could fight, he would be happy.After thirty six moves, Xuanyuan Po is silver spear swept across, swept away the sturdy student is broadsword, and slashed his calf with the tail of the spear.

There was a group of adults over there, surrounded by a teenager.Do not ask, these people must be all It is the teacher who can herb tea for high blood pressure make them gather together, that young man must have outstanding talent.

A logistics herb tea for high blood pressure worker questioned, and he was present at the time.I heard it too, but it is said that after winning, the twin brothers knelt down and herb tea for high blood pressure worshipped him as their teacher, but he rejected him Chen Mu asked.

But Sun Mo just touched it a few times and knew it, it herb tea for high blood pressure Sex High Blood Pressure Medication was too exaggerated Is it really the hand of God Tantai Yutang was curious.

He looked at it, and could not help but praise it.Then herb tea for high blood pressure his expression became lost, hey, if you lack of water cause high blood pressure can not read books of this level in the future, would not life be boring Zheng Qingfang was actually a Meds Lower Blood Pressure herb tea for high blood pressure little selfish when he gave money to Sun Mo.

After dinner, Sun Mo went to the Mobei Lake to paint the spirit gathering pattern as usual, and until late at Meds Lower Blood Pressure herb tea for high blood pressure night, Ying Baiwu pulled the scooter and arrived on time.

He had been lame for 12 years, and he had seen many doctors, but there was nothing he could do.Gradually, Li Gong gave up, but now suddenly there was an opportunity in front of him, and he was really herb tea for high blood pressure Sex High Blood Pressure Medication reluctant to miss it.

Under the temptation of these advantages, every assessment in Dou Zhantang was extremely competitive.

I must wear a formal teacher is uniform in sky blue Sun Mo suddenly felt that the herb tea for high blood pressure clothes he was wearing were very high blood pressure cure at home Natural High Blood Pressure Herbs unsightly.

A lucky treasure chest glowing red landed in front of Sun Mo is left.He was already familiar with .

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this situation, and said Open softly.The lucky treasure chest opened and disappeared, leaving behind a small round glass reverse dipping blood pressure bottle the size of a palm, flat and filled with milky white liquid.

Qi Shengjia gulped after drinking, and finally came to his senses, and then he was surprised, feeling so refreshing.

Li Ziqi likes to read books, likes to study various subjects, and has the ability to remember, so her ideal is to build the largest library in Middle earth.

Since Cai Tan was found by his girlfriend Ruan Yun to be showing signs of suicide a few days ago, she has followed him every herb tea for high blood pressure step of the way, but today, her girlfriend has something important and left.

If Li Gong is lame leg can be cured, he might betray him.Of course, in addition to this, Sun Mo got Li Gong is handle, which was also a reason.Bai Wu, what grievances do you have, you can vent them now.Ying Baiwu was staring at Yang Cai, and when she heard the words, she could not help but say in surprise, Is it alright Of course Sun Mo smiled brightly, like the sunshine in a spring day Justice will be late, but he will never be absent.

Sun Mo is a good person, so Lu Zhiruo did not want to see Sun Mo get nothing.I know Hypertension Medications Chart herb tea for high blood pressure you are worried about me, but you herb tea for high blood pressure do not need to send me a good card, right Sun Mo took out a piece of pear candy, peeled off the candy wrapper, and stuffed it into the girl is mouth.

Sun Mo hurriedly refused This is too precious Hey, that is too bad.A thousand dollars can not buy a high blood pressure cure herb tea for high blood pressure at home good heart.Today is undoubtedly the happiest day of my career.After reading a masterpiece, herb tea for high blood pressure I saw one.The birth of a famous painting is really happy Zheng Qingfang said, drinking another glass and coughing.

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