Delta: Pre-delivery Trials

Each Delta is put through a complete series of acceptance and approvals.

Factory Acceptance (FATS):

Pre-delivery inspection carried out to ensure complete compliance with the boat specification;
Correct functioning of all dry land systems.

Structural overload tests (where required)

Builders Sea Trials (SATS):

  • Complete check of in-water systems
  • Performance verification
  • Engine tests
  • Navigation and Communication systems tests
  • Full integrity check

Harbour and Customer Acceptance (HATS):

Full review of the customers new Delta in accordance with the specification.
Functionality and performance checks followed by official handover.

Where applicable these are conducted in accordance with Classification Societies and Certification Authorities such as the UK Maritime Coast Guard Agency (MCA).

Structural Overload Tests

We carry out extensive structural overload tests at our Delta factory for craft that are davit launched, and recovered from and to a mother ship. During these tests, the craft will be overloaded well beyond the forces that they will experience in service. These tests confirm the robust build of Delta’s exclusive range of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats

Delta Sea Trials

All Delta craft undergo rigorous sea trials in UK waters in order to ensure that a craft is suitable for its intended application, as it is tested above and beyond its requirements.

Each boat produced is also tested to be sure that contractual obligations have been met and to be in line, where necessary, with international codings or classifications such as SOLAS. These may include slam, drop and inversion trials. Sea trials help to ensure that the design and construction of every Delta boat is always moving forward with the latest and best in marine technology.

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