Delta at the forefront of oil field craft development for nearly two decades. Delta’s newly completed 10.80m ERRV Daughter Craft for North American Shipbuilders is a special version of the hugely successful Phantom model. The Phantom and its many variations cover the field of offshore ERRV, support, stand by, crew transfer, rescue and Daughter Craft. Propulsion configurations include both waterjet and sterndrive systems.

The popularity of the Phantom in its many variants is through build quality, low repair rate, price and longevity – Phantom builds currently in service date from the early 90’s. Interestingly, Delta designs and builds other offshore craft, to Standby Rescue code, SOLAS, UKOOA and all approved regulations. The variety is necessary to accommodate the wide range of requirements for offshore operators in general. Craft range in size from 6.5m -11m. Many of these models are in use as part of offshore oil operator fleets throughout the world.

Delta has worked at the forefront of offshore craft development for nearly two decades and Charles Dyas, MD says, “Since the introduction of Daughter Craft in the early 90’s as an element in the required Safety Regime, Delta have been at the forefront in working with Duty holders and ERRV companies to ensure that Delta craft meet or exceed their exacting requirements.” The Arctic varient vessel has been technically developed and modified for operation in extreme weather conditions and is the first of its type to be built; the craft is being deployed in Arctic basins during oil exploration activities. The build was so specific that Delta could only use build materials specifically certified as suitable for use at extreme temperatures. Delta also had to ensure that systems were fully protected; not only for when the craft was underway but also for when housed on the davit and exposed to severe wind chill. As an example of the specific needs for this vessel, the Radar Scanner assembly is housed within a secondary heated radome.

Propelled by twin Yanmar 6LPA-STZP (315hp) driving Hamilton HJ274 waterjets through ZF63C gearboxes, it achieves a maximum speed of 31.0 knots and cruising speed of 22.0 knots. Seating includes KAB 525 Suspension Seats for three and bench seating for 12. Safety equipment is to MCA LOADLINE Exemption Equipment (UKOOA) and the special Arctic environment pack includes double glazed windows, heated front windows and wipers, dual heating systems, engine heating system, fuel heating system and an upgraded electrical package for operational capability down to minus 40 deg.C

The in-house manufacture of parts and products is an essential component in Delta’s success, giving it total control over the design and construction of every aspect of a Delta craft. This in turn enables Delta to offer a wide degree of customisation, ensuring that each craft ordered will exactly fulfil each client’s specific needs.

Delta’s extensive international client base now includes ERRV, Marine Police, Border Control, Customs & Excise, Navies, Special Forces, Coastguards, Search & Rescue services, Law enforcement agencies, Military and Port Authorities; to name just a few.

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